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RESTful Databases For Developers Who Wants A Productive And Intuitive Development Experience With No Worries About Operations

Powerful Databases In No Time

In a few clicks, you get your database connected to your code through the simplicity of REST — nothing more to do with the database. REST is a proven and secure standard. Usable straight in most programming languages, it eliminates the need for you to implement heavy drivers.

A Reliable, No-Compromise Platform That You Can Trust

The DataHub gives you performance, security and transparency. Your data are encrypted at rest and in transit. The proven underlaying technology automatically indexes your data on the fly. You can push and retrieve your data and be sure that no one will access them in the meantime. The DataHub never loses your data, lets you start small, and scales when you're ready.

Total Freedom From Database Complexity At Hand

Use the API from your code and nothing more! It is installation-free, configuration-free, and available instantly through REST API. Once in your favorite programming language, your application gets the highest level of security, performance, and resilience. The DataHub completely eliminates boring operational overheads such as backup, capacity, high availability, indexing, and upgrade.

your data and forget about operations

Automatic indexing

The Siodb database transparently indexes all your data. You never have to decide which type of index to create on your data. Siodb knows how to optimize your data.

Automatic data sizing

Siodb automatically organizes your data for performance and efficiency. Forget about giving size to your data, Siodb knows the size and the best-optimized location.

Encryption by default

Your application benefits from database fully encrypted with validation from a Certificate Authority providing TLS certificates to 240 million websites in the world.


Get rid of cloud provider lock-in, the DataHub is Cloud-agnostic and operates across leading cloud providers to deliver data close to where your application resides.

Scale as you grow

Start small and scale easily. A team of operational experts is behind the platform to tailor the service according to your usage. Get your data ready all the time!

Fast processing

Get a powerful engine that handles 10000 operations in parallel at 5.96 milliseconds on average. The platform delivers at least 1354.16 queries per second with the starting plan.

Your Data In The Place Of Your Choice

Choose exactly where you want to store your data and request new locations as you need

Nationality: United States

Zone: eu-central-1

Nationality: Switzerland

Zone: ch-gva-2

In your premises...

or your favorite cloud

Never Locked-In... Ever!

The DataHub uses the Siodb database technology. Siodb is 100% Open Source and available on GitHub for free. You can switch to your own on-premise environment or in your cloud at any time. From the DataHub platform, you can download your database whenever you want, for free!

Use For:

  • Your mobile, web and back-end applications
  • Your microservices
  • The data of your DevOps processes

Don't Use For:

  • Business Intelligence applications
  • Microsecond trading applications

Choose the plan that’s right for you.



Advanced production environments for small to medium organizations.
  • 25 databases
  • Shared servers
  • Low latency access
  • 4h Support Response Time
  • 999 GB included*
  • Backups
  • Patching
  • Encryption At Rest
  • Encryption In Transit
  • Automatic Indexation
  • No commitment

Free trial for 30 days​

No Credit Card Required


Dedicated, advanced support, and ultra-low latency access.
  • Unlimited number of databases
  • Dedicated servers
  • Made to measure performance
  • 30 minutes support response time
  • Advanced support
  • 5 TB included*
  • Multi-cloud deployment
  • On-premises deployment
  • Invoice billing
  • Bug Fixing
  • Backups
  • Patching
  • Encryption At Rest
  • Encryption In Transit
  • Automatic Indexation


* Type 1 storage: average of 3,000 IOPS and 125 MiB/s

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